Curriculum Vitae




Research and Teaching


2005 – Present    Executive Director, Center for the Study of Boys’ and Girls’ Lives, Wilmington, DE.    

Expanded to 10 schools and redesigned center based at a single school to become a national research collaborative and to include study of girls and intersectional identities. Created new girls’ team, recruited schools and developed new services, including Girls’ Audit. Emphasized Center’s expertise with research methods – including Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) - to help schools include students’ perspectives in planning and policy.

2015-16             Principal Investigator, Primary Boys Relational Teaching project.

Organized practitioner teams at 4 schools – 2 in United States, 1 in both Australia and Canada – to conduct a      multi-method investigation of relational teaching approaches with boys and their families, presenting findings at conferences, creating school-based Manuals, drafting a White Paper commissioned by the International Boys Schools Coalition.

2015                 Scholar-in-Residence, Scotch College, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Two week-long fellowship helping the school to develop its relational practice by observing classes,         conducting focus groups, speaking to groups of faculty, parents and Governors. 

2010 – 2013       Lead Researcher, Relational Teaching project, International Coalition of Boys’ Schools, Toronto, Canada. 

Survey and action research 2-year project in multiple countries including 35 independent, public, charter and Catholic schools. 

2008                 Lead Researcher, International Coalition of Boys’ Schools, Toronto, Canada.

Principal Investigator on contracted study, Wisdom of Teaching Boys, surveying 1500 students and 1000 teachers at 18 schools from NZ, AU, UK, SA, CN and US. Outcomes included report, follow-up workshops and presentations.

2007  - 2009       Research Consultant, Moving Traditions, Jenkintown, PA.

Conducted study of boys for ‘Where Have All the Young Men Gone?”,  national Campaign for Jewish Boys, with follow up action recommendations for programming.  Participated as organizer and presenter at Roundtable conference, 2007, co-sponsored by University of Pennsylvania.

Drafted Framework for Working with Jewish Boys and Engaging Jewish Teenage Boys: a Call to Action.  

2001 – 2005       Executive Director, Center for the Study of Boys’ Lives, Philadelphia, PA.

Built and directed a research center at a single school into a collaborative of independent schools in partnership with University of Pennsylvania, developing evidence-based theory for boys’ education. Established and managed school inquiry teams in schools. Organized and ran Research Roundtable for annual presentations of findings. Developed the Boys’ Audit for non-member schools and Raising Sons 101 for families.




2009 – Present    Supervising Psychologist, The Haverford School, Haverford, PA.

Supervise counseling staff in direct student and family services. Participate on student services team. Provide clinical back-up on call.  Organize and lead a peer counseling program, including training student leadership team.

2010 – 2015       Principle, Ravitch and Reichert Consulting LLP, Philadelphia, PA.

Offering a range of qualitative research services to businesses and not-for-profits. Recent clients have included Staples, Kronos and the Africa-America Institute, for whom we conducted a participatory evaluation of the Transformational Leadership Program in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. 

1986 - 2008        Consulting Psychologist, The Haverford School, Haverford, PA. 

Consult to faculty and administration regarding student needs.  Provide training and direct service to teachers, students and parents.  Supervise school counselors. Offer programs for faculty development, student peer counseling, parent community development. 

1998 – 2007       Consulting Psychologist, Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA.

Presented to staff, faculty and students, conducted focus group research and advised school administration regarding student life, admissions and support policies.

2005-2006          Consulting Psychologist, United World College of the American West, Las Vegas, NM.

Conducted faculty training in fostering moral community. Provided feedback from student and faculty focus groups to administrative team for programming.  Provided coaching to president.

1979-85                    Counselor and Psychologist, Program of Auxiliary Services to Students, Philadelphia, PA.

Provided direct and consultative services to K-8 nonpublic schools in Philadelphia School Districts 5 and 6.  Developed and implemented student assistance program for early adolescent population.  Offered parent seminars monthly over two year period. Supervised interns from Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic in field placements. Created in-house training course for psychologists and counselors on school consultation.




1984 - Present     Independent Practice, Suite 220, One Bala Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA.

Individual, group and relationship therapy.  Specializing in treatment of children, adolescents, families, addictive disorders and males, young and adult.

1994 - 2000        Founding Partner, Bala Psychological Resources, One Bala Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA. 

Outpatient multidisciplinary group that offered new perspectives in treatment of men, women and families.

1991                 Program consultant, Adolescent Dual Diagnosis Unit, Northwestern  Institute, Fort Washington, PA. 

Developed and implemented family component for Adolescent Dual Diagnosis Treatment Unit.  Project involved staff training, preparation of psycho-educational materials and establishment of integrated treatment team goals.

1985 - 1987        Attending Psychologist, The Fairmount Institute, Philadelphia, PA. 

Directed multidisciplinary treatment team with adolescent and adult chemical dependency patients. Provided individual and family therapy.  Consulted with parent groups, schools, industry and community groups.

1976-1977               Counselor, The Family Court of the State of Delaware, Wilmington, DE. 

Counseled and investigated juvenile cases for dispositional hearing.  Planned for community treatment for adjudicated delinquents.




1995 - 2005       Project Director, Peaceful Posse, Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility, Philadelphia, PA.

Created violence prevention and youth development model recognized by PA Attorney General and National Crime Prevention Association as "promising" and provided management, clinical supervision, strategic planning, training, grantsmanship for adolescents in high risk urban settings.  Raised over $2 million from national and local foundations, government agencies. Created Training Institute for Peaceful Posse model, conducted long-term training for youth workers.

1993 - 1998       Co-chair, Psychosocial Taskforce, Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility. Philadelphia, PA. 

Provided leadership for multidisciplinary group engaged in study and writing projects to train speakers on proactive approaches to violence.

1998                 Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America, Philadelphia, PA. 

Engaged as outside expert for national colloquy on “Intentionality in Mentoring”.  Provided synopsis on boys’ development.

1980-1982               Community Organizer/Educator, Cardinal's Commission on Human Relations, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. 

Designed and implemented community response to racial tension in Philadelphia neighborhoods.






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Book Chapters


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Other Works


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2017     Invited Panelist, “Stuck in the Man Box: Young Men, Identity, and Why It Matters,” Presentation at United States Institute of Peace jointly sponsored by Promundo and Axe, Washington, DC.

2016     Invited Panelist, “What’s Going on In Boys’ and Girls’ Lives Today?” at White House Council on Women and Girls Conference: Helping our Children Explore, Learn, and Dream without Limits: Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes in Media and Toys. Washington, DC.

2015     “Building Better Schools for Boys: Ensuring Relational Success.” Invited workshop at International Coalition of Boys’ Schools annual conference, Cape Town, South Africa.

2013     “Girls and Boys in School: Lessons for Being Together from Being Apart”, Invited Keynote at Conference on Coordinate Education held at National Cathedral School, Washington, DC.

2013     “I Can Learn From You”, professional development workshop for Toronto, Ontario schools, held at Royal Saint George’s School.

2013     “For Whom the Boy Toils: the Primacy of Relationship in Boys’ Learning”, invited Explore Presentation at IBSC annual conference, Richmond, Virginia.

2012     “Pedagogy for Boys – What Works and Why,” Invited Keynote for British Regional IBSC Conference, Windsor, UK.

2012     “Reaching Boys, Teaching Boys”, Invited keynote for South African Regional IBSC Conference, Pietermaritzburg, SA.

2011     “Educating the 21st Century Child”, Presentation at Educators’ Summit, New York University,  New York, NY.

2011     “Raising Boys for the New Millennium”, Invited presentation for New York University Faculty and Staff, New York, NY.

2011     “Relational Teaching with Boys”, Invited presentation at International Boys’ Schools Conference, City of London School, London, UK.

2010     “Engaging Boys’ In Learning: Strategies that Work – and Why”. Keynote address at the annual Southern Regional Education Board’s High Schools That Work conference, Louisville, KY.

2010     “Relational Teaching Workshop”, Presentation offered at the International Coalition of Boys’ Schools annual conference, Haverford, PA.

2009     “Reaching Boys”. Invited Workshop at National Conference of Single Sex Public Schools, Baltimore, MD.

2009     “Excavating the Hidden Gender Curriculum in Schools: Participatory Action Research as a Disruptive and Regenerative Force in Education”, Symposium presented at 7th Gender and Education Association Conference, University of London, March 26.

2008     “Let’s Hear It for the Boys! Nurturing public boys’ schools of distinction”, panel presentation at National Conference of Single Sex Public Schools, Philadelphia, PA.

2008     “Doing Justice to Boys’ and Girls’ Lives”, Invited plenary workshop at NAIS Summer Diversity Institute, Colorado Springs, CO.

2008     “Beyond the Discourse of Gender Difference: Moving to Schools of Possibility”. Presentation at NAIS annual conference, New York, NY.

2007     “Moving Beyond the Discourse of Gender Difference to True Discovery”.  Presentation at TABS annual conference, Boston, MA.

2001     “Children, Violence and Healing”, Presentation to first year medical students, Temple University Medical School.

2001     “Children, Trauma and Healing”, Invited keynote address for Cabrini College conference on community health.

2000     “Trauma and Violence in Boys’ Development”, Presentation for AIHA training visit for healthcare professionals from Russia and Ukraine, Philadelphia, PA.

1999     “Boys Development and Experiential Education”, All-Staff training, North Carolina Outward Bound School, Asheville, North Carolina.

1999        “Trauma and Children”, Temple University Medical School course on social ethics, Philadelphia, PA.

1999      “Working with Boys in Clinical Contexts”, Invited workshop for Philadelphia Society of Clinical Social Workers, Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania.

1998      “Boys to Men:  Breaking the Cycle of Violence”, Presentation at International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Conference, Washington, D.C.

1998     “The Success of African-American Males”, Panel Presentation at National Association of Independent Schools Conference, New York City.



Licensed Pennsylvania Psychologist

Licensed Delaware Psychologist

Member, American Psychological Association

Member, Pennsylvania Psychological Association

Member, Board of Directors, Promundo

Member, Board of Directors, Partnership for Male Youth

Steering Committee Member, Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities, State University of New York, Stony Brook.

Member, Project for the Advancement of Our Common Humanity (PACH), New York University.